The One Group

Simplifying Business

Simplifying Business

One Discovery, One Connection, One Belief

One Discovery

The One Group members connect your business to a global community of logistics specialties who want nothing more than to help members business succeed in providing fitting solutions to their customers.

Discover member expertise for every logistics skill imaginable.

One discovery and one connection could change your business forever.

The One Group community of freight expert gives you the power to find the right solution among the members for any freight project in minutes.

The ease of communications and security provided among a close-knitted community makes the process of global freight transportation effortless.

One Connection

When you've got a shipment in hand, be it ocean or air, small or big, simply make one connection with a member and you can assure your customers that it is in safe hands.

The One Group community does the hard work. You can match and make that one member contact with the best solution. Each member has the ability to respond with the most competitive option available.

The familiar connection gives you ease to collaborate with speed. Simply putting you in control and keep you in touch with the business.

One Belief

Keeping up with the never ending demand to work with the right partner is easier say than done. So, let us ease your pain.

While we continue to expand the community, we carefully qualify every new member before allowing them onto our platform to guarantee you'll be working with an expert in their field of logistics work.

Rest assured, every member is rated and reviewed by The One Group community.

Trust our community experts to help grow your business.

Our community of experts give you the power to find the right connection to handle your shipments simplifying business.